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Company introduction

LUTRONIC, listed on KOSDAQ, is Korea’s pioneering aesthetic laser medical device company, founded in 1997.

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Excellence in quality and customer trust have made Lutronic Korean Number One with a powerful showing in the Global Top 10 aesthetic medical device manufacturers.

Strong R&D underpins Lutronic’s technology, backed by key patents and domestic and international regulatory approvals. Over 200 articles from global key opinion leaders highlight versatile, safe and effective outcomes in a wide variety of indications, with Ophthalmology and Smart Surgery the next influential targets.

As an industry leader, Lutronic understands the needs of physicians and patients, and has the innovative technology that satisfies both. This insight will be what continues to drive Lutronic’s continued global success.

Combining technology with creativity, Lutronic is committed to improving the quality of human life.



LUTRONIC: We improve Quality of Life through technological creativity.

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