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The Korean Government has taken an active interest in improving the competitive spirit and excellence among the service industry. To achieve this, the Government has established much-sought-after awards, comprising certificated which are awarded to companies showing outstanding excellence in the quality of their service. These certificates are then awarded to the winning companies with wide-ranging publicity. The leading certificate is known as the Certificate of Excellent Service Quality.

Governmental valuation teams composed of experts in each field give awards only to those companies with excellent service quality who have persistently achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction through a rigorous review regimen including document review, field evaluation and secret appraisal.

 Service 01

Lutronic is proud to have passed these strict review procedures and became the first Korean laser medical device company to be certified as a company with excellent service quality in Korea, and achieve the Certificate of Excellent Service Quality, as illustrated above. Having been certified for the first time in 2012, Lutronic has succeeded in continually renewing its certification on a year-on-year basis by actively identifying customer requirements and responding to market changes in a timely manner.

Lutronic leads the industry with best-in-class product competitiveness and outstanding service quality. So how does Lutronic provide excellent service?

First, in our approach to 'customer service', Lutronic does not define a 'customer' as simply people or business entities such as clinics who buy our products. To Lutronic, the word 'customer' encompasses all the various bodies involved in the process of delivering service for the product, both internally and externally. Lutronic defines people who design, build, test, use or evaluate the product as well as people who purchase the product as our 'customers'. Furthermore, Lutronic has been engaged in a variety of activities to provide satisfactory service to these internal and external customers. To put our philosophy in a nutshell, instead of “Lutronic Customers” I could say, “The Lutronic Family”.


[Service for external clients]

1. Customer-oriented service

Lutronic’s excellent customer response is evidenced in 95% of daily throughput. This is possible because Lutronic built a service system and follows the principle of providing support services within 48 hours from the time the customer made a request.

Service 02 eng 

After-sales service is an extremely important concept, but more than that, Lutronic provides ‘preventative servicing’ to prevent any defects in the quality of our devices. This is part of our efforts to prepare for any possible failure early on and to minimize potential inconvenience to customers by providing a pre-inspection service for the products before the warranty period ends. Moreover, we have built a service network through 147 agencies in 60 countries including Korea, so that we can provide service anytime and anywhere quickly, leveraging our service team members across the globe.

 Service 03 engService 04 eng 


Service 05 eng


2. Efficient management of parts

Service 06 engTo provide a more customer-oriented service, Lutronic has improved and built parts receipt and supply processes. We have established a separate management system for initial, mass production, and End-of-Life (EOL) parts. We have built an optimal state of preparedness, by storing parts based on forecasts and improving the parts storage space efficiency, so that customers can enjoy the service they want in a swift manner.


3. Advanced training curriculum development

Service 07 engLutronic has an advanced training curriculum in place.

1)     International employee service training

With regular service training, Lutronic ensures that all employees can develop a good service mindset and manages the customer service level by improving work manuals on a timely basis.

2)     Benchmarking of companies with top service performance

Lutronic visits companies with excellent service records to identify their strengths and weaknesses and actively adopts the best elements applicable to the company. By sharing best practices among suppliers, we are creating a mutual win-win culture among Lutronic and all external customer elements, thereby enjoying the effect of natural service quality improvement.


[Internal customer service]

Lutronic conducts periodic internal customer satisfaction assessments for its internal customers –our employees. The goal is to draw out major issues through an overall diagnosis and to suggest ways to enhance the value of the company to enhance its capabilities, such as revitalizing organizational culture and enhancing internal efficiency. Satisfaction is largely divided into four categories (job, corporate policy, communication, and overall satisfaction). Through these efforts, we are working to identify the needs of our internal customers at all levels within the company and extract improvement factors to realize a totally seamless communication among internal organizations and members.

Service 08 eng  

Service 09 eng Service 10 eng

Lutronic maintains optimal readiness through continuous internal / external service construction and improvement. I think this explains why Lutronic has been able to maintain the industry leadership and successfully capture the prestigious and much sought-after Certificate of Excellent Service Quality year on year since we were first awarded this accolade in 2012.