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  • FDA approval for LASEMD PRO
  • MFDS approval for PICOPLUS for 'melasma improvement'
  • HEALITE II got included in health insurance reimbursement category
  • CE approval for ACCUPLASTI
  • LASEMD PRO selected as 2017 Good Design Product (Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)


  • 2016 Frost & Sullivan Award
  • Certified as "Solid, youth-friendly SME" (Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation, MFDS of Korea
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP)
  • US FDA clearance for CSME with R:GEN, a smart laser system for macular treatment
  • Certified with K Mark for 'PICO PLUS' True PICO


  • 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award
  • Trade, Industry & Energy Minister Commendation for World Class 300 Technology Contribution
  • Approval by MFDS for LASEMD STATION
  • MFDS manufacturing approval for enCurve
  • MFDS manufacturing approval for PICO+4
  • CE approvalfor for CSC with AM10, a smart laser system for macular treatment


  • Thirty Million Dollar Export Award on Trade Day/li>
  • 2014 Frost & Sullivan Award
  • KSCS '2014 Korea Management Award' winner of Technology Innovation Award
  • Korea IR Service 'Korea IR Award' 2nd place winner
  • Global Specialized Candidate Company, Excellent Export Sector
  • Commerce, Industry & Energy Ministry Commendation
  • Global Specialized Candidate Company, Excellent Export Sector
  • MFDS manufacturing approval for Spectra XT
  • MFDS manufacturing approval for 'R:GEN' for CSC
  • CE approval for Spectra XT and ACTION


  • Relocation of Company to a new building in Haengshin-dong
  • Acquired BIOVISION (US company)
  • Selected as New Excellent Technology (NET) (Ministry of Health & Welfare)
  • Excellent Venture/ Entrepreneur Industrial Service Medal
  • SFDA approval for SPECTRA • eCO2
  • FDA approval for INFINI
  • MFDS and CE approval for AM10, 'a smart laser system for macular treatment'
  • FDA approval for CLARITY
  • MFDS approval for ACCUPLASTI MFDS


  • Selected as World Class 300 Enterprise (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • Twenty Million Dollar Export Award
  • Health & Welfare Minister Commendation (Health Industry Grand Prize)
  • Selected as a company with excellent quality competitiveness (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • Certified as a company with high service quality (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • CFDA approval for eCO2 and eCO2 Plus
  • FDA approval for HEALITE Ⅱ
  • FDA, CE, and KFDA approval for ADVANTAGE


  • Selected as AT&D Korea brand
  • Awarded the National Productivity Award (Minister of Knowledge Economy)
  • Selected as 'Next Generation Cataract Surgery Technique' project (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • Awarded "KIBO Success Company Award" (KIBO)
  • The Best Productivity Award (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • Selected as Golden Taxpayer (Gyeonggi Province)
  • Selected as Innovative SME (MAIN-BIZ) (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Selected as "Best 600 Job World Companies" (Chosun Ilbo, IBK)
  • Limited MDA approval for eCO2
  • CE approval for SOLARI, CLARIA and HELITE II
  • KFDA and CE approval for INFINI
  • Health Canada approval for HEALITE II


  • Selected for Korean Government Policy Project to develop smart laser for macular treatment
  • Designated as Advanced Technology Center (ATC) (Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • Selected for development as Korean Global SME(Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Selected as SME with strong export potential Knowledge & Economy Minister Commendation(Global IT-CEO Award)
  • CE approval for HEALITE


  • Grand Prize in Korean Hidden Champion Award (Export-Import Bank)
  • Health & Welfare Minister Commendation(On merit of national public health project support)
  • Named to Deloittee's 2009 Technology Fast 500
  • Certified as "a venture company with business management with CSR"
  • CE approval for AccuSculpt
  • FDA approval for eCO2


  • Ten Million Dollar Export Award
  • Opened Japan Subsidiary
  • 'Best 'New Enterprise of the Year' Award (KOSDAQ Award)
  • Presidential Commendation (Grand Prize for Venture Business)
  • FDA approval for AccuSculpt
  • CE approval for eCO2
  • CE and FDA approval for Spectra-VRM III


  • Five Million Dollar Export Award
  • Opened US Subsidiary
  • 'Korean 100 Best Patent 2007' Award
  • Won Dasan Award Grand Prize (Section: Practical Science)
  • FDA, CE approval for MOSAIC


  • Listed on KOSDAQ
  • Company name changed to "Lutronic".
  • Selected as an exporting SME to receive "Global Brand support"


  • Thirty Million Dollar Export Award
  • FDA, CE approval for Spectra-SP
  • CE approval for Spectra-VRM II and Spectra-ACTION
  • CE approval for Spectra-QT


  • Presidential Commendation (Export Merit)
  • One Million Dollar Export Award
  • FDA approval for Spectra-QT
  • CE approval for Spectra-VRM


  • Selected as "an Innovative SME" and "World Class Product of Korea"


  • Selected as "an innovative SME" (INNO-BIZ.) (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • ISO9001/ISO13485 certified
  • KGMP certified


  • FDA approval for Spectra VRM
  • Designated as a venture business


  • Established R&D Center


  • Established Max Engineering