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Lutronic continues to expand with LASEMD a sophisticated Cosmeceutical Delivery System engineered for the latest trend in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging

Lutronic, a leading innovator of aesthetic and medical technology, announced the recent CE mark for its newest device, LASEMD, Laser-Assisted Single Effective Molecule Delivery, which is a novel device designed specifically to create micro-channels that allow for more effective delivery of custom formulated cosmeceuticals.

Lasemd is a Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS), which is a laser device that creates micro-channels or wounds in order to break the epidermal barrier and allow for more effective delivery of the specially formulated, extremely pure, Lutronic Ampules cosmeceuticals. Everything about the laser was specifically considered and designed with purity in mind; only those features needed to maximize the treatment were considered, from the minimalistic design to the convenience of the zero boot technology and the automatic magnetic tracking system that ensures exact delivery of laser pulses. The 1927 nm wavelength is a gentle wavelength chosen because of its unique properties to create the perfect micro-channel while eliminating the pain and downtime associated with other rejuvenation laser procedures.

The specially developed cosmeceuticals, Lasemd Ampoules, were designed by taking a minimalistic approach combining only the purest ingredients with unique Multi-Nanosome Granulated technology, which ensures that the components will remain fresh without having to utilize unneeded preservatives or chemicals and while maximizing the absorption ratio. “We are excited to have developed a device like Lasemd.” Stated Haelyung Hwang, CEO. “This device was specifically engineered to maximize absorption, in order to ensure the best optimum outcomes for this type of CDS treatment. It meets the needs of a variety of physicians who are looking to provide ongoing treatment regimens for their patients in order to promote life long healthy skin.” The full line of Ampoules offer the physician a wide variety of choices from Ascorbic Acid (VC), Retinol (VA), Tranexamic Acid (TA), Resveratrol (RS), Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SC) and Stem Cell Conditioned Media with Keratinocyte and Genistein added in (CK).


"Lasemd is a procedure where the precise laser technology is combined with cosmeceuticals.The procedure is fast, easy and with no downtime or effect on the patient’s daily life. The skin simply becomes healthy from the inside out."

Lasemd is a winning combination of technology and science to provide fast and safe treatments. A cutting edge Cosmeceutical Delivery System, it combines a sophisticated laser system together with an exclusive line of cosmeceuticals (Lasemd Ampoules). Engineered to provide an ideal environment for the absorption of cosmeceuticals in order to speed healing from the inside out.

  • Fiber-based laser delivery via ultra precise magnetic tracking system
  • Extremely fast treatments with no downtime
  • Versatile device delivers customized treatments to meet the needs of most patients
  • Zero boot technology, with two delivery modes
  • Compact ergonomic system easily fits in any practice

About Lutronic
Lutronic, a leading innovator in advanced aesthetic and medical laser and related technology, was established over 15 years ago to bring intuitive, robust, versatile devices that are affordable and efficacious to the worldwide medical community. Committed to improving medicine, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance science and ensure the efficacy of its systems. All systems are versatile and offer multiple setting and treatment options for customized treatments, which optimize outcomes for a wide variety of conditions and treatments including melasma, tattoo removal, soft tissue incision, vascular lesions, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, rejuvenation, body/face contouring, chronic pain, healing and more.

With a focus on physician needs and patient outcomes, Lutronic dedicates time and funding toward the development of devices that offer features and improvements not found in today’s market. Devoting more than 20% of revenues to R&D, Lutronic holds more than 130 current and pending patents worldwide. With more than 230 employees worldwide, Lutronic has offices in the US, Korea, China, and Japan, a worldwide network of distributors, focused R&D centers in both the US and Korea, and is ever expanding.


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