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Lutronic Showcases New Devices and Hosts Special Events at the Biggest Medical Device Exhibition in Korea

Lutronic Showcases New Devices and Hosts Special Events at the Biggest Medical Device Exhibition in Korea

Lutronic, a leading innovator of aesthetic and medical advanced laser and related technology, launched new products at KIMES 2016 (Korea International Medical and Hospital Equipment Show 2016) as well as hosting interactive events this March 17 to 20 at KOEX in southern Seoul.

Lutronic held an interactive event in their booth to promote the launch of the latest system, enCurve the company’s first non-invasive device for body contouring. The event featured ‘enCurve’, a character designed roulette machine, which drew crowds and resulted in the Lutronic booth becoming the most spotlighted booth at KIMES.


enCurve Lutronic Event

Since achieving MFDS clearance in Korea last year, enCurve has been gaining a lot of attention from the market as a premier no-touch and non-surgical, non-contact body contouring medical device. It selectively targets and heats adipocytes in order to cause denaturation of cells, leading to apoptosis (cell death) of the targeted adipocytes. Employing smart features such as, patented Personalized Impedance Synchronization Application (PISA) and Air Mode, enCurve is the easy and comfortable way to reduce adipocytes through apoptosis-inducing radiofrequency. One of key benefits of enCuve is that patients can return to normal daily activities right after the treatment because it does not cause any of tissue damage, bleeding, or bruising, which is different from other conventional touch methods of body contouring, such as liposuction or cryolipolysis.

Lutronic also showcased PICO+4, a newly launched pico-second laser, which acquired the first MFDS clearance featuring a 4 wavelength pico-second laser with fractional technology in the last year and has since achieved a significant sales record. It offers both pico- and nanosecond modes with the performance of four wavelengths (1064, 532, 595 and 660 nm) to provide physicians with more options ever before to address everything from standard treatments, to those hard to treat cases that are resistant to other Nd:YAG approaches. Lutronic worked closely with leading physicians to develop the best variety of parameters, which provide ideal treatment fluences for maximized outcomes, even on recalcitrant cases that stopped progressing with other systems.

Also featured in the booth attracting attention from attendees was LASEMD, launched in 2015, this innovative Cosmeceutical Delivery System is optimized to provide precise microchannels for a variety of conditions and skin maintenance, especially when combined with the specially formulated cosmeceuticals. Both the station and the ampoules combine to form an ideal treatment, which helps the skin improve from the inside out. Participants were impressed with the unique way the technology works to deliver the eight pure and effective ampoule components into the deep dermis of the skin.

Finally, Lutronic showcased its first ever Ophthalmic smart laser, R:GEN, which is specifically designed for direct treatment of the macula and represents a new paradigm for the treatment of various retinal disorders while bypassing the current treatment limitations. This groundbreaking treatment offers patients hope for a long-term solution that eliminates the laborious need for medication or substandard treatments. As a global company, Lutronic offered brochures in multiple languages, including, Korean, English and Chinese, as well as recorded voice product introductions were provided in English and Chinese for international audience, which improved the experience for the global attendees.

About Lutronic
Lutronic, a leading innovator in advanced aesthetic and medical laser and related technology, was established over 19 years ago to bring intuitive, robust, versatile devices that are affordable and efficacious to the worldwide medical community. Committed to improving medicine, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance science and ensure the efficacy of its systems. All systems are versatile and offer multiple setting and treatment options for customized treatments, which optimize outcomes for a wide variety of conditions and treatments including melasma, tattoo removal, soft tissue incision, vascular lesions, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, rejuvenation, body/face contouring, chronic pain, healing and more.

With a focus on physician needs and patient outcomes, Lutronic dedicates time and funding toward the development of devices that offer features and improvements not found in today’s market. Devoting more than 20% of revenues to R&D, Lutronic holds more than 270 current and pending patents worldwide. With more than 200 employees worldwide, Lutronic has offices in the US, Korea, China, and Japan, a world-wide network of distributors, and is ever expanding.

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